Floating Meditation and Aqua Soundbath

Sound Vibrations behave differently in water than in the air. In water, the particles are much closer together, enabling quick transmission of vibration energy from one particle to the next. This results in the soundwave traveling over five times faster than it would in air.
Considering that we also consist of 75% water, vibro-acoustic massage in water offers a significantly deeper and more profound experience reaching far deeper levels of relaxation and sensory stimulation. The combination of the water's buoyancy and the harmonious resonance of the sound vibrations offers a truly holistic and immersive sensation, making the entire experience a uniquely rejuvenating and therapeutic journey for both the body and mind.

Himalayan floating soundbath

Aqua sound bathing

Let the Power of Sound Boost Your Physical and Mental Health

Experience the waves of harmonic sound that envelop the body from singing bowls as the mind and body relax, the heart rate and blood pressure decrease and our breathing become deeper. It is in this state that deep healing can occur. Thus, a sound bath not only reduces stress and anxiety by inducing a state of relaxation, but it also has physiological benefits.

When you keep water in or around a singing bowl, the bowl's harmonic resonance infuses and charges the energy of water. 


Couple floating connection

Aqua sound bathing for a couple

Indulge in the symphony of relaxation, as you and your partner embark on a Himalayan Floating Sound Bath that transcends time and space, guiding you both towards tranquility, unity, and renewed vitality. 
Our experienced sound therapists will guide you through a personalized session, tailoring the sound frequencies to resonate with your unique energy. The synergy between the tranquil surroundings, the gentle caress of warm waters, and the resonating sounds will create a space for you and your partner to connect on a deeper level, fostering a sense of unity and rejuvenation.



Group floating soundbath

Aqua sound bathing

Have you ever wanted to embrace the serene settings of your soul?  

Based on ancient healing techniques aquatic therapy is designed to harness the vibratory energy of every cell in the body to achieve its “Resonant Frequency” the practice of “Sounds Baths” functions as a massage to soothe the body and a meditation to ease the mind.  

This is designed for a group session, something similar to the soundbath at the studio, except more powerful surrounded by water.
It is a profound therapy, in which time and space lose their meaning. Life and being become a flow.


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